Title                               Role                        Prod. Company/Starring

The Dukes                    Supporting                Doo Wop Prod./Chazz Palminteri    

Ghost Rock                   Supporting                Ghost Rock,LLC/Gary Buesy, Jeff Fahey, Adrienne Barbbeau 

The Storytellers             Supporting                Da’Lin Films,LLC/Tippi Hedren

Helping Hand                Supporting                Errant Films/Paula Marshall

Strange As Angels         Supporting               Strange As Angels Productions

The Umbrella Man          Lead                        Oranton Ltd.

Johnny Skidmarks          Featured                 Jack Black, Frances McDormand    

Breakfast w/ Einstein      Featured                 M.P. Corp./Priscilla Presley

True Vengeance            Principle                  FM Productions/Miles O’Keefe 

Joy Killer                        Supporting               Hard Boiled Prod.

Where Evil Lies              Supporting               Concorde Pictures

Larry’s Pussycat             Supporting               August West Prod.

Fallen Angel                   Principle                   Virgo Pictures

The Heart of the Matter  Principle                   Black Rose Prod.

Cloak of Madness           Supporting               Concorde Pictures


McBride                          Featured                 Hallmark Pictures

Strange But True            Principle                  London Weekend Television


VH1 “I Love the 90’s”       Featured               VH1

Disney Wicked Week       Featured              Disney

Western Longitude          Featured               Roland Reel Pictures

City Longitude                 Featured               Roland Reel Pictures    


The Second City Training Center (Improv), LA

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pasadena,CA

Standup Comedy Showcase, Steve Klasky

Actor’s Intensive Workshop, Daniel Namath

Television Commercial Workshop, Stephanie Lloyd


New York, Southern, British, Italian

SPECIAL SKILLS                                   

Musical Comedy, Voice over work, Photography, Costume Designer/Stylist, Make-up Design, Swimming, Kayaking, Dance (Modern & Swing)